After one year of doing cons, now what?

Be warned this is going to be a rant blog so turn back if you don’t like this kind of post.

Last year, I attended my first ever con. Initially, I was in it for experience but after 1 year of experiencing doing conventions, I gotta say, I’m tired and worn out from it.

So far I went to 10 conventions within the year and really my sales has been lackluster. As a person who always wants good results not having much sales is really a blow on my personal morale. I’m not blaming anyone for this. I was never an overzealous person in addition to being introverted and shy so marketing is never really a strong point. Admittedly, I was going for “let your art speak for people” approach but my art here never really gets noticed. Some say it’s good but never really buy anything so I don’t know if I’m really good.

Anyway, doing conventions really drains my energy tenfold. The travel beats me up so much that my body is sore all over the next day. I’m too poor to get a cab so I ride public transportation and have to go through stairs and bag inspections carrying a luggage. I don’t have anyone to ask to help me with stuffs either. Not really a fun experience if you ask me.

The only good thing I get from these is that I get to meet really cool people and really they are awesome. I met so many people I admire there.

At the end of the day tho, the negatives just weigh in more the the positives (probably because I’m absolutely a pessimistic person) that it makes me question, is it still even worth it to go through. I really really love to draw and create stuffs but things outside these aspects is something I don’t really enjoy much. Sometimes I prefer to be a caveman and just draw undisturbingly.

Bottomline is, I’ve lost all the enthusiasm I have in conventions. I still have to go to one in October and November but I might stop and take a break after this year, try to earn money and go to international cons and hope I do better there.

Me after all of this.