Category: Drawing Tips and Processes

Some drawings tips I’ve learned when I used to work in animation that I want to share

February 6, 2018 Mharz No comments exist

I was gonna discuss flatting supposedly but I realized that before I do that, I should discuss how to prepare your scanned lineart for flatting and coloring. Now if you’re doing lineart digitally and have the layered file, that’s cool and all and you can skip this. However, if you drew the lineart traditionally or…

January 21, 2018 Mharz No comments exist

After reading 7″ Kara watercolor comic by Nattosoup, I was inspired to take on watercolor again. More or less I was putting it off because I was having a hard time controlling the medium. Anyway, I went on to do some reading and watching of her tutorials and I thought I should give it a shot….

January 2, 2018 Mharz No comments exist

Today, I’ll be talking about clean-up or inking if you’re doing comics but I prefer calling it clean-up because animation. Also, I believe inking still uses more messy lines because of the hatching involved so clean-up it is! Anyway, to sum it up, clean-up is where you CLEAN UP the rough sketch to make it…

October 3, 2017 Mharz No comments exist

So last Saturday, random ‘ol me decided to go to the mall because I had a sudden urge to buy dip pens and ink (blame inktober for that) and try it out. So I bought that and before I went home I somehow stumbled upon a craft store (while I was looking for a baking…