Character Overview: Ray de Luz

There’s this topic on character designs on twitter earlier so this idea to create a character overview for The Angel with Black Wings occurred to me. I should probably do it on the blackwings site but I don’t want to clutter that site too much. 


So let’s jump into. First off, is our main boy, Ray de Luz.

pure teen angst


I’d be honest with all of you that I am very simplistic when it comes to character design. I’m not much fond of overly fancy and detailed concepts. As long as you can distinguish him and recognize him among others, I’m a happy camper.


Since the setting happens in the normal world, he wears the same clothes we wear in real life. Though the most distinguishable feature of his is that spiky hair. My friends over at discord even describes him as “the guy with protagonist hair.” ?

Ray in uniform


He’s 15 years old and fairly short with the height of 5’2″ (his hair spike increases his height to 5’4″ to 5’5″-ish) He’ll still grow tall, handsome and will turn into a cool guy that gets all the girls when he gets a bit older.


He’s currently in third year high school. (I’m still using our old school system where you spend four years in high school then you go to college. We don’t have middle school.) The uniform is simple as well. It’s based on what high school students wear here. Outside of school, he likes to wear hoodies and shorts or you know, just simple tshirt and jeans. He’s very simple like that.


That’s just the design part. Personality wise, if you haven’t read the comic, (which you should) he’s very very angsty. Totally not a Gary Sue. His angst seeps through his body and he always have a retort at everyone. I’m not doing a very good job at marketing him to you am I? Sadly, that’s how he ended up with. It’s not like he’s angsty for the sake of being angsty or trying to be cool. He’s angsty because he always get picked on and bullied by his classmates not just in highschool but in elementary as well. As for the reason why, it’s a story plot I can’t spoil. It will unravel someday so that’s all I’m telling about it. Because of the constant horrible treatment he receives from people, he became cynical and developed trust issues hence his angry attitude.


From the feedback I received from people who read the comic, he’s pretty relatable but at the same time, you’d wanna punch him in the face especially when he’s being a jerk towards Mara. They said that his angst is pretty realistic for a 15-year old.


TL;DR – Ray is an angsty teenager with simple designs with protagonist hair.


As to how or if he’ll develop as a character, well, you just have to follow and read The Angel with Black Wings and feel free to tell me what you think of him as a character or as a person altogether! (even though he’s fictional)


See you next blog! :3

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