Playing with Copics

Few weeks ago, I decided to throw away some money to buy copic markers. I’ve been eager to try them and it’s potential with my own hands because I feel like it’s the most compatible traditional medium for my drawing style. So I saved up some money and bought a 24-color set.

Lookit the shinies! Also I like to put my names on them. They’re too precious. XD

I picked the lovely colors myself. Unfortunately, the supplier I bought these from doesn’t have skin tone colors in stock so I had to find alternative colors for the skin. Hopefully the next time I’ll buy they have at least Burnt Umber in their stock. Anyway, these lovelies will have to do for now. I like some extra challenge anyway. Also Copic Sketch is too expensive so I went with Ciao.

Anyway, after using it a couple of times, all I could say is that I’m totally in love with it. The fact that it dries quickly works for someone with extremely low patience like me.

First copic attempt

I kinda flopped my first attempt but I absolutely liking the potential of the copics. It gave me hope that I can do the same things I can in digital painting. I also tried out doing “lineless” like how I normally do in digital.

Big Sis in copics

My color sets are a bit limited so I can only do much but I’m gonna collect more colors in time. I just need to save up. My goal is to be able to create paintings in level with my digital stuffs using these lovely markers.

I’ve also watched a speed drawing video where they were using colored pencils alongside the copics so I decided to pull up my dusty colored pencils and experiment.

Jane has a cute smile. :3

What I did is use colored pencils to clean-up the lines instead of inks so I still have a guide but they will be barely visible when I added the copics. Here’s another image:

Tala being blushy…

I’m gonna work on this method more. I definitely enjoy the copic/color pencil tandem. Obviously I still need to work out on many aspects but I’m pretty confident that I’m getting the hang of using them. Bottomline they’re really fun and super thrilling to use at least for me.

Silver being hawt!

I’m gonna finish this post with this image I just finished today. See ya next blog!

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