Playing with watercolors

After reading 7″ Kara watercolor comic by Nattosoup, I was inspired to take on watercolor again. More or less I was putting it off because I was having a hard time controlling the medium. Anyway, I went on to do some reading and watching of her tutorials and I thought I should give it a shot. By the way, you can find awesome watercolor tutorial by her in these links:

I’ve always thought you can pull off good art even with cheap materials. While this principle still holds true to me, I recently realized that cheap art materials can only go so far. Sadly, I’m not really a rich girl who can afford to burn 3k+ (in our currency) and above for a set of Daniel Smith. For years I just end up using this kiddie watercolor.

It’s not that bad but a part of me really wanna try using a better quality watercolor. I found out about Sakura Koi watercolors and it doesn’t seem bad based on the video I’ve watched. While it’s still a bit painful to the wallet, it’s not really that painful compared to Daniel Smith or Cotman’s.

I got this lovely for 850php ($17) at Joyce’s Art Supplies near UST. I added some brushes to boot.

One thing I’ve learned in Becca’s tutorials is to swatch the colors in the paper cus I legit didn’t really think of doing it before. (which is a really dumb of me I know but eyy I’m learning) I also decided to swatch the Lil’ Hands watercolor for comparison.

After making a swatch, I can see a huge difference between them already. Koi’s colors has more vibrancy in them. Lil’ Hands colors mostly has less saturation. The blues on both watercolors are close and that’s about it. Lil’ Hands black is absolutely light, it turned out gray.

Anyway, I was eager to test out the lovelies. Silver will always be my guinea pig on my experiments.

I kinda forgot to take a photo when I just finished putting the clean lines. So I’ll just start with this stage.

Some stuffs I learn from Becca’s tutorial: adding a gradient wash and tones. So I tried applying those knowledge in this image. I like the toning thing because I can figure out the lighting will fall. I also added some color to the face as well.

Added some more colors in the hair. I kinda forgot to photograph the next stage I did after this. So I only have the finished art.

The camera didn’t show it much but the colors were definitely vibrant and strong. Although I probably could’ve added more green to the background to make it more vibrant but I totally love how it turned out.

I was feeling pretty good so I decided to make another painting to test it out further. I did Big Sis this time.

It doesn’t show much in the camera but I added a gradient wash of blue and green. Those blue lines were actually a digital sketch that I printed. I didn’t expect they won’t come off considering that my printer was inkjet, I was assuming that the ink will dissolve. Oh welp, it got covered later.

I added tones on the areas where it’ll have some contrast.

Added more colors now. Added some vermillion red to give the skin some vibrancy. Also added some blue and green to the hair.

I accidentally deleted the photo that is in between this and and the previous step but as you can see, I already added some contrast and added some blacks to the hair. I also used colored pencils to help me with the finer details and after that it was done.

Scans of these images will be available on my Patreon!

I absolutely love the Sakura Koi now even tho I still am trying to figure out how to control the strong colors properly. I know I still need to learn a lot in watercolors but I feel that I’m in the right track for once. Thanks to Becca’s tutorial, I’m slowly learning the right techniques and not just randomly slapping paint and screwing stuff up. Baby steps at a time as they say.

That’s it for this blog and be sure to check out the links above to see the awesome watercolor tutorials! Until next blog post!

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