PROGRESS REPORT #7 – More Comic making plus some collabs

Another week of comic making has passed. Tho I fell a bit behind doing TABW work because I have some other works to take care of.

I was focusing the week doing the pencils and inks for ComicBookHour anthology collab with Jenn Alredge and Micah. It’s a nice change of pace. I always enjoy challenging myself drawing things I’ve never done before and you know, sometimes I just need the right motivation to push for some stuffs.

have a preview!

I did finish up to page 19 of The Angel with Black Wings chapter 14. Next week should be enough time for me to finish the entire chapter (provided no unexpected things or work suddenly appears) and I finally get to draw Big Sis in her new outfit!

I think I drew the neckline too low… :y

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s progress report! Toodles!

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