PROGRESS REPORT: Chapter 14 and 15 done!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote a progress report. Everything has been busy in September and I just want to rest when I’m not drawing. But I’m writing one now so there. :’D

So for the past September, I’ve been focusing on drawing The Angel with Black Wings Chapter 15 and yay I finished it! It still feels unreal to me that I’ve drawn and written 15 chapters and it’s still going! That in itself is a very great accomplishment if I may say so myself.

In addition to that, I’m doing pencils and inks for Donathin Frye’s INecromancer and finished up to 6 pages already. I’m super hyped at this since it’ll finally be released this halloween. So definitely look forward for that.

Also did some commissions here and there so yeah it has been a busy month. Also I got sucked into playing Stardew Valley so that’s a thing too. sweats.

It’s finally time for inktober and will definitely try to push through 31 days of Silver! #hype

Have an inktober warmup!

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