The Angel with Black Wings got a video review!

So a few months ago, I got an email asking if they can make a video review about my comic. As someone who is pretty much up for anything in the hope to spread the existence of my comic, I said yes despite a bit of anxiety because I’d be honest with you, I’m a bit scared of receiving negative comments.

Now don’t get me wrong. I received a couple of reviews in the past. All are surprisingly nice or at least not as scary as I thought it would be but this video review really made me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Do check out his video review right here:

He was pretty honest about how initially he thought it wasn’t his cup of tea and that he was close to dropping it. I am absolutely glad that he gave my comic a chance and even gave it a review on his channel. It totally made my day. It feels so heartwarming because really as somebody who doesn’t really have much audience on her works, anyone who is willing my comics a chance and read through them is A-AWESOME on my book.

Though not having a very nice start is my fault as well. I started The Angel with Black Wings comic at 2014 (though I started posting at 2015) back then, I’m totally a super noob at webcomics (not to mention marketing LOL). I can draw fine since I’ve been doing animation for two years but my writing skills is admittedly subpar compared to my art and this is something I try to go and improve as time goes by. I have no intention of doing a remake though because it’s not a very healthy habit. I’d much rather all of you go through cringy moments and see my art and writing evolve than get stuck in a reboot loop if you know what I mean.

Anyway, a HUGE kudos to NiWo21k for going through the effort of making this awesome review video. Please do check out his YouTube channel, A Nobody on a Couch he does comic reviews there. I absolutely hope his channel would grow and make it big. Also follow him on twitter as well!

That’s pretty much it for this random rambling. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! See you next time! 🙂

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  1. Again – i am so happy that i could brighten up your day (i will stop now saying this) 🙂
    Two things i wanted to add (and where Twitter has just too few characters for):

    First – i know its hard to hear something negative about things someone creates, believe me, everyone has this fear, but i would say listen to the people who have to say these things and i dont mean troll who just say bad things, just ignore them, but people who give you pointers an help, because most of the time these people also want you too succeed even if they dont say it out straight 😉

    Second – Its good to hear you let your beginnings in the comic. I know many artists who start to change their first chapters because they think no one will start the story if its not like the current state but they somehow deny where they are coming from. I stood before the same part, do i delete my very first video or do i let it in – it is a mess, but its where it all started and in the end i said, its a good reminder in a few months/years to look back and see how it began and how much has changed. And believe me, even if many things have changed in the nearly 10 months since this first one i still call myself a noob for what i am doing 😀

    Keep up the great work, and i already checked out your other comics 😉
    I started with “The Robonoid Fan” (Champs will follow) and i can tell you this much that i like this one – you are able to convey with very few means and that is something i absolutley like – and i hope to cover these two also in one of my videos in the future 😉

    So keep up the good work 🙂

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