Weekly Progress Report #1: Fell a bit behind but the sites are up

So I’m gonna try making progress reports so people can find out what projects have I been doing this past week. Here we go:

First off, The site is now up and running yay! A huge THANK YOU to Gray for helping me set up the site. She’s really great at coding. Do check out her comics at monochromestar.com!

Anyway, the Mharz site is basically a blog/portfolio/webcomic hub where all of the art and original contents I do is collected in one place in the internet because honestly I suck at managing multiple accounts.

I haven’t built the portfolio page yet but it will be there soon but I’m gonna use this for practicing blogging and will be posting my drawing tips here from now on. c:

look how lovely the front page is!

I always like to be flashy with these things. Seriously, if there is any space where I can put and show off my artworks as much as I can, I’d totally will. Should probably write a blog of an overview of all the comic sites.

see? grappling and entangled bodies.

Anyway, this week, I fell a bit behind in making pages. I only finished CHAMPS Round 2 pages 14-17 (4 pages). One reason is because I came to a super challenging scene that involves tons of grappling. Jane specializes in this kind of fighting. I honestly enjoy drawing these poses even tho I’m totally screaming from the inside at how long I’m taking drawing all of these. I like how this comic is pushing me to draw poses I haven’t drawn before. Honestly, I’m absolutely baffled as to how I’m pulling these off properly. Five years ago, I can’t even draw a standing pose properly. You could say I’m a bit proud of my little accomplishment.

I was also doing a comic page commission this week. Sadly I can’t show it here but I’ll post it on twitter or any of my social sites if it went public. It was just as challenging and I’m happy that the client like how I did the page and to that, I’ll be super busy in August for sure.

And that’s pretty much the stuffs I did for the week. Be sure to follow me on twitter to see a couple of random wips and doodles and also live update about my comic making endeavours!

See ya next week!

2 Comments on “Weekly Progress Report #1: Fell a bit behind but the sites are up

  1. Fighting scenes are cool to draw but so friggin hard…! I don’t envy you but this comic is going to be a great learning experience for you! Keep it up, you’ll get faster for sure!

    1. Thanks! I’ve never done a very elaborate fight sequences so this will be a fun challenge for me.

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