Weekly Progress Report #2: CHAMPS Round 2 done and Gallery!

Alright, first off, shout out to Rikirinka and NiWo21k for being my newest patrons! Thank you so much! It really means a lot me! I’ll try to make it worth your money. :’D

Anyways, this week’s progress is I finished CHAMPS Round 2 woohoo! That means I have roughly 10 months of buffer if I update them one page a week. So I’d have enough time to write Round 3 and work on The Angel with Black Wings as well… Ah the perks of juggling two comics. ?

more entangled bodies… woohoo…

I swear to you guys, these pages are very challenging as heck. I totally dig through tons of videos and images just to get references for them because I’d be quite honest I’m not really that proficient in fight scenes or dynamic stuffs so this is totally a breath of fresh air. I also love getting a sense of accomplishment at being able to draw these challenging scenes. It’s like a small victory every time I finish a page. Sadly you won’t get to see the finished page in a couple of months so yeah.

Since I finished a chapter, I decided to take a break from making comic pages next week because I’ve been grinding these pages for two months now and really, I could use a bit of breather before things become more busy on August. Don’t worry though no hiatus will happen (that’s what buffers are for *wink*) and I’ll still draw illustrations but I’ll just ease down a bit.

look at that pretty face hurhur

I kinda missed doing digital painting. I haven’t done it at 1-2 months-ish because of various reasons including artblock. I did a little warm-up this week as well though. One of the things I enjoy painting are faces even tho I’m not that good at it. If I have to be more specific, Silver’s face. I structured her face to be feasible to paint in a somewhat realistic way.

Speaking of digital paintings and illustration, I made a gallery page on the site that serves as portfolio for people who stumbles upon this side of the internet. You can see it in this link: http://mharz.com/gallery

I kinda like how it looks like some kind of a mosaic collage thing with the varying sizes. I wish I can pick which artwork gets to be super large but I don’t know if it’s possible thru coding or not. Also I wish I could make it wider but I don’t wanna mess up any codes. Still, I like how it turned out and it’s fairly easy to add new photos for new illustrations.

simple but lovely :3

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s progress report. Next week will probably have less since I’m on break but yeah I hope y’all have a nice day!


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