Weekly Progress Report #3: Break week but have a new art!

Literally I didn’t do much comic-related stuffs this week because I took a break so I won’t have burnouts. (Still hasn’t gotten over my burnout in animation. :V) I was grinding CHAMPS pages since June. That’s 2 months of living like a caveman and just drawing comics.

But I didn’t go in this week without creating anything. Can’t afford to get rusty, you know so instead of pages I did a digital painting which I haven’t done in quite a while mainly because I can’t think of anything to paint. I admit, I’m pretty slow to get ideas and concepts for paintings.

Here’s a wip preview by the way, but you can see the finished artwork on my gallery.

I certainly am not enjoying fun drawing big sis looking ded. <u<


Also did a sketch of Silver as well. I almost forgot how serious she can be since I continuously doodle her doing silly things which is really likely she’ll do.

Anyway, really these are the only things I did this week. Next couple of days though, will be absolutely super busy. I’m going to a convention so I gotta prepare myself physically and mentally. It’s pretty special since It’ll mark my first anniversary of doing conventions.

See ya next progress report, toodles!

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