Weekly Progress Report #5: Started TABW Chapter 14!

Yes, believe it or not I have a “mythical” comic buffer for The Angel with Black Wings. I’m just happy that I’m able to start on Chapter 14 and build my buffer up more since Chapter 10 ends next week. No joke.

angsty Ray as always. Nothing new.

So I was able to finish 8 pages for chapter 14 this week. It’s probably real fast in other’s perspective but the thing is, The Angel with Black Wings’ pages has less details not to mention it’s grayscale and flat tones. One of the reasons why I like to build buffer is I tend to not work on the comic for months. For example, if I finish until Chapter 15 next month, I’ll have to put it off to work on CHAMPS and also take time to write and thumbnail Chapters 16-20 and it’ll definitely take months. So the earliest I can start drawing Chapter 16 will be next year… probably. :V

On side note, I also finished penciling two pages for a client. So next week, I’ll be able to ink them. I’ll tell what series it is in the future. I’m definitely enjoying drawing them because it’s a challenge because most stuffs in the comic is something I haven’t tackled before. I’m glad they gave me enough freedom to just let loose and do things in my usual style so it’s not stressful.

oh look, a car manually drawn.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the stuffs. Check out my online store if you have the time. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and see ya next progress report.

P.S. Was also procrastinating and drawing Silver as a sparkly bishie.

Big Sis goes doki-doki?

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