Weekly Progress Report #6 – INecromancer inks and halfway done to TABW Chapter 14

First off, Thanks Respheal for being the newest patron! Do check out their comics Galebound as well.

oh look, a rhino!

Anyways, this has been a productive week all in all. Aside from my usual comic stuffs going around, I’m doing the pencils and inks for Donathin Frye’s INecromancer. I’ll be starting at Chapter 3 and I already finished 2 pages of it. I’m just gonna give a wee little peek so that I won’t get apprehended or anything but definitely look forward to it once it’s been posted.

Definitely excited seeing this in color. Anyway, I was able to grind through a couple of The Angel with Black Wings pages this week and hopefully I can finish Chapter 14 by the end of August. Since Volume 2 Ended, I really have to rebuild my buffer into a mythical amount once again. (I’ll totally panic if my buffer went under three chapters)

I drew a birb.

Another thing is CalimonGraal and I are working on something really really cool and fun. Here’s a preview of it.

That’s pretty much it for this progress report. Toodles!

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