Year 2017 retrospect

Wow 2017 is already over! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was welcoming the year. Here I am wondering where the time go…

Anyway, now that we’re here I just really want to list out the stuffs I achieved this year. Focus on the positives, you know.

First off and the most important one is that I was able to start a new webcomic! I honestly never really thought of starting one this year. It just happened-ish??? Also it got included in StArtFaire so yay!

Two lovely badass ladies joined my pretty ladies club

I did like the concept of it and it’s something I have never done before. It’s definitely a fun challenge to tackle especially the fight scenes.

Yeah punch the crud out of her!

I had to research the fight sequences and not to mention draw them in various perspective. It is a great practice and I think I’m improving in drawing feet. :V

Second, I was able to finish drawing the pages for The Angel with Black Wings volume 3! 2018 will be super interesting for the series as the story goes deeper and shit starts to go down.

Some kind of summary on what will happen?

Sadly Big Sis won’t be appearing any time soon. (I know. I miss her too!) I have to do it for plot. At least Silver is back! I’m totally looking to the build-up for the bigger things that will happen in the series and I hope more people will read next year! :’D

Third, it is an honor to be given the opportunity to do pencils and inks for I, Necromancer written by Donathin Frye. He has been a blast to work with so far!

I’m so proud of the rhino. :’D

It’s definitely a challenge to do and I’m absolutely enjoying every bit of it. The story is intriguing as well and I’m looking forward to it!

I also got into a collaboration with Comicbookhour anthology with Jenn Arledge and MicahDraws. It’s a fun experience collaborating with other people and it boosted my confidence a bit. I hope I can work with more awesome people like them. Paid would be preferable but you know. 😛

On another note, The Angel with Black Wings got into a collective yay! Ink Drop Cafe! Do check it out. There’s a bunch of awesome comics there and I made some nice friends as well! Thanks to them I’ve been trying to improve my stuffs in terms of art and marketing.

Also thanks to Gray Sterre for helping me with the hosting and the website building. She is absolutely awesome and y’all should check out her stuffs. It’s all great!

I’ve revived my patreon this year as well. I’m happy and grateful that I made some patrons. They’re very nice and understanding.

All in all, It’s been a better year than 2016 and hopefully 2018 and onward will be much better. Thank you for all those who have given support to my stuffs so far! Cheers!

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