Visual Novel ATRI -My Dear Moments- Anime Leads Kensho Ono
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ATRI -My Dear Moments-, Release 2024

The highly anticipated anime version of 2020 graphic novel ATRI -My Dear Moments- is in production and gaining attention. Japanese viewers should anticipate it in 2024, however we’re still waiting. The voice actor hired for Ikaruga Natsuki is the major news today. Kensho Ono will voice this crucial character, a big addition to the anime version of the original visual novel, which was wordless.

Voice Talent Returns

Other talented voice actors from the visual novel will join Kensho Ono in the anime adaptation. The voice performers and their characters are:

  • Featuring Hikaru Akao as Atri and Minami Takahashi as Minamo Kamishiro.
  • Ryuuji Nojima: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Yoko Hikasa portrays Catherine; Anzu Haruno portrays Ririka Nanami.
  • Pioneering Visual Novel

Before we start the anime adaption, let’s review ATRI (My Dear Moments). This visual novel was Aniplex’s first production under ANIPLEX.EXE, a brand to promote Japanese visual novels. ANIPLEX.EXE released Adabana Odd Tales on June 18, 2020, after ATRI. Makura (Wonderful Everyday and Sakura no Uta), Frontwing (Grisaia Series), and Liar-soft collaborated on these projects.

The plot of ATRI -My Dear Moments-

The plot centres on Ikaruga Natsuki, a young guy who loses his mother and a limb in a terrifying occurrence. In an extraordinary summer, Natsuki meets Atri, a wonderful robot.

Visual Novel ATRI -My Dear Moments- Anime Leads Kensho Ono

Deep Dive into Visual Novels

As we explore the visual novel ATRI -My Dear Moments-, ANIPLEX.EXE, Makura, and Frontwing’s teamwork has paid off.

Behind the Scenes

Makura and Frontwing developed ATRI, while Liar-soft worked on Adabana Odd Tales. Asuta Konno created the scenario, drawing on Makura’s work on Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi. Motoyon and Yusano created the illustrations and character designs, with SCA-Ji as art director. Fuminori Matsumoto (szak) wrote the background music, opening theme, and concluding theme.

A Short but Engaging Experience

ATRI—My Dear Moments—is a short visual novel that lasts 2–10 hours. I spent 7 hours on the narrative and saw three endings: the first, a terrible conclusion, and a genuine ending, which unlocks after the first two. An “Extra” function adds CG artwork and BGM tracks to many visual novels. ATRI, available on Steam for 115,000 Indonesian rupiahs, is inexpensive for the genre.

The Emotional Tapestry of ATRI-My Dear Moments

ATRI (My Dear Moments) is about the story and feelings. Natsuki Ikaruga, a young man who lost his limb and mother, struggles with his history. Natsuki is smart at The Academy, which saves the world via knowledge, despite these challenges. Fate compels him to hide with Nonko Yachigusa, his grandma. After Natsuki’s grandma dies, he inherits a huge debt. Natsuki travels with debt collector Catherine to fulfil this loan. At a period when rising water levels have left most of the globe without energy, they find a treasure in his grandmother’s vast storeroom. This treasure is Atri, a young robot girl who will change Natsuki’s life and those around him.

Ancient Echoes and New Depths

The visual novel seems familiar thanks to Makura and Frontwing’s teamwork. The character interactions and dynamics evoke Makura’s Sakura no Uta (Sakuuta), Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi (Himanatsu), and Wonderful Everyday (Subahibi), with touches of Frontwing’s Grisaia. Natsuki’s connections with Minamo, his boyhood buddy, and Ryuuji, a faithful friend, resemble a close-knit group of pals enjoying their summer vacations, like Himanatsu or Sakuuta. ATRI masterfully combines Grisaia-like brutality.

A Gripping Setting

The setting is a character in ATRI (My Dear Moments). It depicts a world where a sudden and catastrophic sea level rise plunges mankind into a primitive life without power or contemporary luxuries. The graphic novel depicts a society that finds happiness despite hardship.

Exploring Robot Souls

Human-robot conflict is a major subject in the story. Are robots emotionally human? Can they live like humans? Can they love? Atri, a robot girl who goes beyond obeying commands to acquire human emotions, answers some thought-provoking questions. In Himanatsu, Yomi, an entity not designed to live with humans, finds comfort and connection. Atri does the same.

Complex Protagonist

Natsuki, the visual novel protagonist, is complex. Natsuki is emotionally connected to his environment and himself, unlike other visual novel characters. His interactions with Atri and others suggest a tsundere.

Enigma of Minamo

Minamo, Natsuki’s childhood buddy who loves him, adds interest. One wants her to be the primary protagonist because her character is so captivating.

Exploring Unknown Depths

The graphic novel’s storyline is captivating, yet several plot gaps remain. These gaps, especially regarding the post-story world set 60 years later, a Minamo-focused path, and Natsuki’s grandma Nonko Yachigusa, need additional investigation. Despite these small flaws, ATRI’s emotive tale makes it a nakige—a game that may make players cry.

A Sensory Feast

ATRI has great storytelling, images, and music. CG visuals match the story’s growth, while the background music creates a relaxing atmosphere. Rita’s “Hikari Hanate!” has Sakuuta-like tune but a Subahibi-like opening video.

My Dear Moments: A Self-Discovery Journey

ATRI -My Dear Moments- is a fascinating story about a robot’s search for self-identity via her encounters with Natsuki and his friends and Natsuki’s search for his life’s meaning. This visual novel showcases Makura and Frontwing’s partnership, featuring aspects from both companies’ prior works. ATRI’s heartfelt tale makes it worth visual novel fans’ attention.